About Wei Jie

I am an experienced Ethereum developer from Singapore. I build Solidity smart contracts, implement zk-SNARK circuits, and design decentralised applications.

My given name (Wei Jie) follows my surname (Koh) as per Eastern name order.

Projects built on Ethereum

Minimum Anti-Collusion Infrastructure

An implementation of a bribery-resistant voting system built with zero-knowlege proofs on Ethereum, currently used by the clr.fund project to facilitate permissionless quadratic funding for public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Perpetual Powers of Tau

Phase 1 of a multi-party trusted setup ceremony for zero-knowledge circuits on the BN254 curve.


A proof-of-concept ETH and ERC20 mixer built on zk-SNARKs.


A privacy gadget which uses zk-SNARKs for anonymous set membership verification and message signalling.

Zero-knowledge Mastermind

An implementation of the Mastermind board game which uses zk-SNARKs instead of a trusted third party to verify game rules.

Project Endor

A blockchain-based securities exchange, built when I worked for ConsenSys Solutions.

Full-Stack Portfolio


A user-friendly web app for lawyers in Singapore to improve their skillsets, built for the Singapore Academy of Law. The app was subsequently integrated with the Singapore government's MySkillsFuture initiative.


In 2017, I graduated with honours and a major in cultural anthropology from Yale-NUS College. My undergraduate thesis was The Syncretic Imagination of a New Religious Movement in Singapore, an anthropological study based on ethnographic and historical research.

In 2010, I graduated top of my class from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a diploma in information and communications technology.

Koh Wei Jie - Koh Wei Jie