Mar 22 2020 Restarting the Semaphore random value generation process
Mar 4 2020 Release announcement: Semaphore, a zero-knowledge gadget for Ethereum
Dec 20 2019 Private voting and whistleblowing in Ethereum using Semaphore
Sep 11 2019 Announcing the Perpetual Powers of Tau Ceremony to benefit all zk-SNARK projects
Sep 3 2019 To Mixers and Beyond: presenting Semaphore, a privacy gadget built on Ethereum
Dec 26 2018 Zero-knowledge proofs, a board game, and leaky abstractions: how I learned zk-SNARKs from scratch
Sep 19 2018 EIP712 is here: What to expect and how to use it
Jan 21 2018 Malvarma: secure Monero cold wallet generation on the Raspberry Pi Zero
Aug 3 2017 Sending Spam SMSes via a Free WiFi Service
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